Key Factors That Determine If A Home Is Ideal For A Solar Panel Roofing Installation

Are you growing weary of high electric bills? If so, you may have thought about a solar panel installation. You have likely heard of the various benefits of this form of alternative energy. Perhaps you have also heard that some rooftops are not ideal for a solar panel roofing installation. If your roof is not compatible, it does not mean that you cannot take advantage of solar energy. The alternate installation site for solar panels is installing them at ground-level, which is referred to as a ground-mounted installation.

Four Things That Impact Roof Installation Timelines

Installation times for a new roof vary, with simple jobs often taking as little as two days and more involved jobs taking a week or longer. Knowing the factors that impact installation time can help you get an accurate timeline estimate. 1. Tear Down Requirements Tear down is the first step in any roof replacement. A roof tear down is when your roofers rip off the old shingles, flashings, and underlayment in preparation of installing the new roof.

Living Roof Fundamentals: What To Discuss With Your Roofing Contractor

As a homeowner in need of a roof replacement, you may be considering a living roof in place of the roofing materials that you currently have. While living roof installation has its benefits, it is a process that requires some careful consideration and preparation. Here are a few of the things that you should talk with your roofing contractor about before you install a living roof on your home. Consider What You Will Plant

3 Things To Think About Before Your Gutter Installation Project Begins

If your gutters are bent or rusted, it's probably time to have new gutters installed. Gutters are more important to your home than they may seem. They protect your foundation and roof from water damage, so when your gutters wear out, they should be replaced without delay. Here are three things you may need to think about before getting your new gutters. 1. The Appearance Of The New Gutters Since the gutters make up the exterior of your house, they affect your home's appearance and curb appeal.

Buying a House? Why Hire a Residential Roofing Contractor to Check It Out

When you're buying a house, you have your home inspector check the property out for you to give you the go-ahead. Even though they give your roof a once-over and will notate if there are any issues with the roof, you still might want the peace of mind of having a professional look at the roof. Investing in a residential roofing contractor to look at the roof of a house you want to buy may seem excessive, but this investment is well worth it in many ways.