Steep Roof? 5 Safety Tools Roofers Use To Stay Safe

Does your home or business have a steep roof pitch? While all roofs present safety hazards for anyone who climbs up on them, steep pitches are even more dangerous. This is why a trained roofing professional should often be the only one up there. Here are a few of the important tools they'll use to do any work safer than most homeowners.

1. Roof Ladders

Walking up and down steep pitches is one of the most dangerous aspects of the work. Specialized roof ladders hang over the edge of the roof ridge and descend downward. These come in different sizes and with different safety features. 

2. Roof Jacks

A roof jack helps provide stable footing while a person does the actual roof work. It securely anchors underneath shingles and into the rafters for a firm fit. The worker then stands on the flat part of the jack so they can work from a normal angle rather than standing insecurely on the pitch. 

3. Roof Harness

The goal of all roof safety equipment is to prevent tripping and falling. But what happens if these fail and a fall occurs? Then the harness takes over. Roof harnesses are two-part systems with an anchor attached to the rafters and a harness and lanyard which tighten if there is a fall. 

4. Walking Training

The professional roofer's experience and training are one of their most important tools. This allows them to safely navigate steep grades and roof ridges in the safest way. In some ways, the art of roof work may be approached similarly to tightrope walking — so training in how to be safe and how to recognize structural hazards is key. 

5. Other Pros

The so-called buddy system is vital when workers have to be in inherently dangerous positions. Roofing crews are peopled with trained professionals who look after each other. No one should ever work on a roof alone or with only unskilled amateurs. The pros know how to attach and use safety equipment, how to spot dangers the other person cannot see, and how to provide backup when needed. 

Why It Matters

Roof work is always a risk, no matter whether you're a pro or an inexperienced homeowner. But with the right tools at their disposal, professional roofing contractors make it safer for themselves, your home, and your family. So when you need anything done on the roof, be sure you call in the right people — and let them take care of the hard part. 

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