The Appeal Of Including James Hardie Siding In Your Renovation Project

When you buy an old house, you may want to focus on improving its exterior look before you renovate the inside of it. You may especially want to cover up or get rid of the warped, chipped, and faded painted wood on its outside. 

However, you want to replace that old material with something that will give the old house an updated and appealing look. You may get the results you want when you use modern materials, such as James Hardie siding, in your exterior renovation project. 

Variety of Colors

You might have initially thought to repaint the outside of the house because you could get exterior paint in a variety of colors. You may want to add a modern and beautiful color to its outside to make the house look appealing and new again.

However, you may also get the same number of colors, if not more, when you invest in siding for your old house. Siding is typically available in a wide array of hues. You can select from more neutral tones like white or gray or choose brighter colors like pink or blue. You do not have to buy paint to get access to all of the outdoor colors you want for your project.


Further, siding is made to last for decades and hold up well in the most challenging of elements. Outdoor paint can fade or blister when exposed to heat and humidity. It can also chip and splinter when flying debris like hail stones hit it.

Siding, however, typically holds up well in heat, humidity, cold temperatures, and high winds. It can also withstand heavy rains and snowfall without fading, bubbling, or warping.


Finally, you may find putting up siding to be just as easy and convenient as repainting the outside of the house. You can renovate the entire outside of the house in a matter of days. You avoid the expense, mess, and time that it can take to put on a base coat of paint, allow that coat to dry, and then put on a final one or two coats of paint before finishing the renovation project.

Modern home improvement materials, such as James Hardie siding, can bring new life and beauty to an old home. Siding may come in just as many, if not more, colors as exterior paint. It can also hold up just as well or better than paint and take less time to apply to the outside of the house. 

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