What Causes The Nails In A Slate Tile Roof To Corrode And How Do You Fix It?

If you've noticed that the slate tiles on your roof are shifting around or falling out, the nails used to fasten them to your roof may be corroded. While slate tiles can last an extremely long time, not all fasteners have the same longevity.

When the nails on your roof start breaking due to corrosion, you'll need to replace the nails to prevent your roof from leaking due to the tiles shifting out of place. To learn what causes the nails to corrode and how you can fix your slate tile roof, read on. 

What Causes the Nails on a Slate Roof to Corrode?

Older slate roofs were sometimes installed using nails that were made from materials that can corrode. Iron and carbon steel nails will rust when they're exposed to rain and humidity in the air. Galvanized steel nails can corrode as well when they're very old. They're protected from rust because they have a thin layer of zinc applied to them. However, this layer of zinc can erode over time, leaving the steel underneath vulnerable to rust.

When a nail is susceptible to corrosion, it will start rusting at the nail head. The rust will spread deeper into the nail, weakening it and causing it to crumble. When the nail has rusted entirely through, the weight of the slate tile will break it, causing the tile to slide around on your roof or fall off.

How Do You Repair a Slate Roof With Corroded Nails?

You'll need to have the corroded nails removed and the slate tiles reinstalled in order to repair your roof and prevent it from leaking. A roofing contractor can gently pry up the tiles and reinstall them using nails made from copper or stainless steel. Both types of nails will last as long as your slate tiles because they won't rust, making them the best choice for a slate roof. While these types of nails are more expensive, you'll never have to worry about them breaking due to corrosion.

Since the nails in a slate tile roof tend to all start corroding at the same time if they're susceptible to it, you'll likely need to have the entire roof removed and reinstalled. While this is a lengthy process, you'll be able to preserve your slate tile roof and make it more durable at the same time.

If the nails on your slate tile roof are corroded, call a roofing contractor in your area and have your roof inspected. A roofing contractor will reinstall your roof using nails that are immune to corrosion, making sure all of your slate tiles are secured in place without any risk of sliding around or falling out.

Contact a local roofing contractor to learn more.