Hail Damage Restoration For Your Roof: What To Expect After A Storm

Hail storms can often occur unexpectedly, leaving quite a mess in the aftermath. Not only is it common for hailstones to cause damage to vehicles when parked outside, but they can also cause severe damage to roofs. Unfortunately, you may not even realize the damage exists until you've hired a roofing contractor to inspect your roof and the overall extent of the damage, but once you know it's there, it's vital to take care of the damage immediately.

Roof Damage Caused by Hailstones 

The level of damage to your roof will vary, typically depending on the length of the storm and the size of the hailstones. Because hail is often large and heavy, falling to the ground at a relatively high rate of speed, these stones can dent, crack, and severely damage the materials on your roof, such as tiles or shingles. It can cause other roof components to come apart, ultimately exposing additional layers of your roof and increasing the risk of dealing with a leak in your home.

What to Do When You Have Damage to Your Roof After a Severe Hailstorm

After a hailstorm, it helps to have a roofing contractor check your roof for any signs of damage. You need to know what damage has occurred to take care of it before the problem gets worse. If you give the roof time to get worse before having repairs completed, you put yourself at a greater risk of needing a complete roof replacement instead of just a few repairs.

Once you know what you're dealing with, you might need some or even all of the following repairs:

  • Shingle Replacement - When hail causes damage to shingles, it's best to remove the broken, faulty ones entirely and replace them with new, sturdy shingles.
  • Crack Repairs - Because of the weight of the hailstones, cracks can develop in the roof. It's necessary to seal those cracks and cover them before they can spread and cause leaks.
  • Flashing Repairs - Like shingles, flashing can loosen, crack, and break due to a hailstorm, but you can replace it with new flashing.

Along with these common repairs, a roofer will let you know if you need anything else done to drastically improve the condition of your roof.

Hailstorms typically don't last long but tend to leave long-lasting damage behind. After a storm, be sure to check your roof and have any damage repairs to avoid leaks and other costly problems in the future.

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