See Missing Tiles On Your Roof? Get Answers To The Questions You May Have

If you have ceramic tiles, slate tiles, or concrete tiles on your roof, you may be able to tell when a tile is missing from your roof. This is because the tile may wind up in your gutter or lawn, or you may see a black or empty space where the large tile was positioned on your roof. If you see one or more missing tiles on your roof, you may have many questions, including what you should do and what types of roof repairs you may need. Here are a few of the questions you may have along with the answers. 

What Should You Do If You See Tiles Missing From Your Roof? 

If you see a roof tile in your yard or you can look up and see tiles are missing from your roof, you will want to contact a roofing company as quickly as possible. A roofing company will complete a roof inspection, and based on that assessment, they can tell you why your tile or tiles are missing and what roof repairs may be needed. 

What Types Of Roof Repairs May Be Needed If Tiles Are Missing From Your Roof? 

Roof tiles may fall off of your roof for a few different reasons. Strong wind gusts may blow one or more tiles off of your roof. If this is the case, a roof repair may be needed to simply place new tiles on your roof where the old ones blew off. Old age is another reason why tiles may fall off of your roof. Most roof tiles are held into place with nails. As the roof ages, the nails can start sliding out, allowing your tiles to shift or slide off. If your roofing materials and nails are all old, a new roof may be recommended. 

What Can Happen If You Ignore The Missing Tiles On Your Roof?

If you ignore the missing tiles on your roof, you can develop a roof leak. Roof tiles keep water from seeping through your roof, so water may do just that without a tile in place. Additionally, tiles help to insulate your home and keep your heated or cooled air in your home. This air may escape if tiles are missing, causing your energy usage to increase. 

If you notice one or more tiles are missing from your roof, it is important to act quickly and call in a roofing company to inspect your roof. They will determine what is going on with your roof and recommend either a roof repair or a new roof. Getting the repairs or replacement completed quickly can help you avoid further problems with your roof, including roof leaks. Reach out to roofing companies near you to learn more.