Details About Metal Roofing Installation

Metal roofing is a high-quality option for your home when you need a new roof. Metal is a durable roofing material that can last for many years. Plus, it gives your home a fresh new appearance if it has an asphalt shingle roof now. Here are some things to know about metal roofing installation. 

The Installation Method Depends On The Style 

There are a few styles of metal roofing panels. A popular choice for residential use is the standing seam variety. Even standing-seam panels have options since you can get single or double-locked panels installed. Exposed fastener panels are also available, but these aren't as attractive as the standing seam panels.

Double-locked standing-seam panels are the most watertight type of metal roofing, which is why they are popular, especially on homes with low-sloped roofs. However, they cost more, so if your home has a steep slope, you may want single-locked panels since water will shed naturally due to gravity.

The difference between the two types of panels when it comes to installation is the number of times the seams are bent down. Standing-seam panels lock together. Then the seams are bent down once or twice to create a water-resistant seam and to hold the panels securely together.

Your Roofer May Also Install Insulation

When installing metal roofing, your roofer may also put down underlayment to protect against moisture and attach strips to the roof so the metal panels can attach to the strips rather than the deck. However, this decision depends on the shape of the panels you get. It's important for the roof to have adequate ventilation and insulation.

You can buy insulated roofing panels, but that may not be necessary. Your roofer can also use fiberglass, foam board, or spray foam insulation if they think it's necessary. Also, new metal panels may go over old asphalt shingles, so your roof may already have enough insulation before the panels are added unless all the old roofing is torn off.

The Metal Panels Might Be Cut To Fit Your Roof

Metal panels come in standard widths, but the length can often be cut to fit. This eliminates the need to seam the panels horizontally. Instead, all of the seams run vertically to give your roof an attractive appearance. Plus, there will be fewer seams that create potential leak hazards. Bending over the seams can be done by machine so the work goes as quickly as possible.

A metal roof can protect your home from fire, hail, and strong winds. It costs more than an asphalt shingle roof, but since it's more durable and has an attractive look, the extra cost is a good investment.