Some Great Residential Roof Replacement Options You Should Know About

Common residential roofs you probably see more than others are shingle, tile, and even shake roofs. However, if you are going to be replacing your roof, you may be looking for something special when it comes to the type of roof you choose. You may want your home to stand out, or you might be interested in choosing a roof that will require less maintenance over the years. You may even be interested in a roof that continuously helps you to save money. This article will introduce you to three great types of residential roofs that you may not see as often, but that can offer you some amazing perks. 

Metal residential roofs can offer loads of benefits

One thing you should know about a metal roof is you can get a roof that looks how you want. Metal roofs can be designed to look like shingle, tile, shake, slate, and many other kinds of roofs. Metal can offer you a lighter, more durable, longer-lasting roof than many other types for a price that may also be more affordable. Plus, the lifespan of the metal roof will keep saving you money because you won't have frequent repairs to pay for. Some other advantages of metal include: 

  • Fire-resistant
  • Pest resistant
  • Wind resistant
  • UV damage resistant
  • Water damage resistant
  • All styles and colors
  • Repairs are often easy
  • Energy-efficient

Spray-on roofs can benefit you for years to come

Spray-on roofs tend to be more commonly seen on commercial structures. However, the benefits they offer help to make them a great choice for residences as well. A spray-on roof can be applied so much faster than it would take to put on a new roof of another type. The material is sprayed onto the roof's surface in a liquid form. It will self-level across the roof and create tight seals around areas normally protected with flashing on other roof types. Spray-on roofing is durable and offers some of these other benefits: 

  • Easy installation on otherwise challenging roof designs
  • Energy-efficient
  • Seamless waterproofing around chimneys, vents, and other areas
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Fewer and more affordable repairs
  • UV damage resistant
  • Fire resistant
  • Water damage resistant
  • Performs well in storms
  • Resistant to pest and small animal damage

Solar shingle roofing can help you make money on your roof

If you like the idea of having a new roof put on that can help you save the most money possible, then you should consider solar shingles. Solar shingles are solar panels with each one being on a much smaller than average scale, so they are about the same size as roofing shingles. They can look like shingles or even slate roofing materials. However, they will harness solar power and use it to power your home. Some of the other advantages of solar shingles include: 

  • Can replace the need for shingles
  • Can be applied over shingles, if preferred
  • Are easier to maintain than solar panels
  • Can help you save a lot of money each month
  • Can increase the value of your home


Now, you have some information about three great types of roofs that have a lot of great things to offer you. You should discuss things with your roofing contractor and replace your roof with the one that's going to work out best for you.

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