How Do Roof Companies Winterize A Roof?

If you live in an area where winters are quite harsh and snowy, it is a good idea to have a roofer come to winterize your roof prior to the change in seasons. Good winterization will reduce your risk of roof damage, leaks, and other roof issues once the snow starts flying. But what, exactly, does a roofer do when they winterize your roof? Here are the key steps most roofers take.

Caulking Seams and Flashing

Flashing is the metal that's placed in roof valleys and around roof projections, like chimneys. As it ages, it tends to peel away from the rest of the roof surface. This happens most often in the winter when ice is able to edge its way under the flashing. When you have your roof winterized, your roofer will use some caulk to seal the flashing back down to the roof surface. They will also caulk any other seams that they fear might start leaking and breaking down in the winter.

Clearing Vents

Your roof should be equipped with vents to let warmth escape from the attic. You don't want these vents to be clogged or blocked as then the heat will escape directly from the roof. When heat travels through the roof, it melts snow, which can then trickle down the roof and re-freeze. To prevent this from happening, your roofer will make sure all your roof vents are clear. This may mean moving some insulation out of the way, or it may mean putting covers over some vents to keep leaves from getting into them.

Removing Tree Debris

You don't want leaves or other tree debris on your roof going into winter. It will just trap moisture and hold that moisture against your roof for weeks or months on end, and that will lead to premature shingle deterioration. Your roofer will therefore remove all debris during their winterization service.

Clearing Gutters

Roofing contractors will usually clean the gutters and clear all of the downspouts when they winterize your roof. This will ensure that any water that results from melted snow drains from your roof properly rather than refreezing on the edge. If there's a lot of debris in your gutters, then your roofer may also put gutter guards on your gutters to keep them clear, going forward.

If you live in a snowy area, definitely make sure you have your roof winterized. It will go a long way toward preventing roof damage in the coming months.

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