4 Instances You Should Choose a Residential Roof Repair over a Replacement

Unlike applying fresh paint on your walls or upgrading your kitchen countertop, fixing or replacing a roof are demanding projects. You'll need to make a few considerations to decide what project to undertake. So, when should you choose to repair or replace your roof? The following are instances when you should schedule roof repair services.

1. The Roof Is Relatively New 

Many roofing materials last several years before reaching the end of their useful life. But before the end of the expected life of your roof, the roofing materials might show signs of deterioration. This doesn't always call for a replacement. Your roofing contractor will inspect it to examine the kind of damage and the best solution. The roofer can patch minor damages, replace shingles, and seal nail holes to extend their life. When purchasing roofing materials, manufacturers often provide warranties. The period covered should help you assess your roof's expected lifespan. However, consider scheduling repairs if the warranty is relatively new. 

2. The Damage Is Minor

Your roof might get damaged by falling tree branches during a storm. The wind might also dislodge several shingles. It is often hard to determine the extent of damage by looking at the roofing system from the outside, but your contractor can help you decide what action to take after discovering the damage. 

A few missing or cracked shingles on the roof don't call for replacement. The contractor will replace the affected shingles to restore your roofing system's appearance and functionality. If only a few parts are affected, you probably need to patch them up. However, you should repair the damages as soon as possible to prevent further damage. 

3. You Need a Solution Urgently 

Before the rains, it is always advisable to schedule roof inspections. You might notice damages that could lead to leaks when the rainy season finally sets in. If a major storm is already on its way, you might not have enough time to schedule an entire roof replacement, regardless of the types of damage on your roof. In this case, your roofer will recommend repairing the roofing system. This should protect your house and buy time to plan financially for a replacement. 

4. You Aren't Financially Ready 

As highlighted above, a roof replacement requires time, planning, money, and expertise. Repairs are often less expensive and less demanding. If your roofer recommends installing a new roof when you are not financially ready, they can repair the damage to buy you time before undertaking a replacement project. 

As shown above, a lot has to be considered when deciding whether to repair or install a new roof. Unfortunately, you might not have the skills and experience required to make the right decision. Therefore, ask your roofing contractor to help you assess your roof and determine whether residential roof repairs will solve the problems.