3 Things To Think About Before Your Gutter Installation Project Begins

If your gutters are bent or rusted, it's probably time to have new gutters installed. Gutters are more important to your home than they may seem. They protect your foundation and roof from water damage, so when your gutters wear out, they should be replaced without delay. Here are three things you may need to think about before getting your new gutters.

1. The Appearance Of The New Gutters

Since the gutters make up the exterior of your house, they affect your home's appearance and curb appeal. You might want white or colored gutters. If so, you can choose aluminum or vinyl and have the color put on when the gutters are made so you won't have to paint them. You can get gutters in several colors, so you can find a good match for the colors of your home.

However, you might prefer the look of natural metal. You could choose plain steel or even copper gutters for a unique look. Steel and copper gutters last a long time and can add unique beauty to your home.

Also, don't forget about your downspout, because it may have a prominent place along the front of your home. You might want a rain chain or other type of decorative downspout for added visual appeal. The important thing is to make sure the spout drains water far away from your house.

2. The Installation Method

You'll probably want your gutters to be installed by a professional to make sure they are positioned properly and function as expected. The installer can choose two types of gutter installation. One type uses sectional gutters. These gutters are cut to fit the length of your house and then seamed together with adhesive. The drawback to these gutters is that the seams are a potential source of leaking.

Another installation method for new gutters is when you have seamless gutters installed and have the gutters fabricated on the truck while the truck is parked at your house. The gutters are made on-the-spot to the dimensions of your house so there is no need to have seams in the middle of a trough.

3. The Condition Of The Fascia Boards

It's fairly common for fascia boards to have water damage. This can happen when water backs up in the gutter troughs or when your roof has an ice dam. In addition, since the fascia boards are easy for pests to access, the boards on your house could have gnaw holes from rodents or damage from insects.

Gutters are attached to the fascia boards when they're installed. If your boards are bad, they should be replaced at the time of the gutter installation so the troughs have a strong and sturdy board to attach to. If the gutter installer doesn't replace fascia boards, make arrangements to have the work done before the installer puts up the new gutters.