4 Warning Signs You Need Roofing Replacement

It is not easy to imagine what you would do without a roof over your head. It protects you from external elements and gives your loved ones a haven. Unfortunately, most property owners are guilty of overlooking the importance of a roof until something goes wrong. Sometimes, even if your roof won't give you trouble, there comes a time when it outlives its expected life expectancy and needs replacement. As a homeowner, what are telltale signs it is time to get a new roof?

1. Extensive Water Damage

Water damage and leaks are notorious for causing water damage in your home. They are also sure signs that your roof is damaged. A roofing contractor will inspect the extent of water damage and leaks to determine whether getting a roofing replacement would be the ideal option. In most cases, if the cost required to repair the leak is high, your roofer will recommend replacing the roof. Also, you will only resolve extensive damages by replacing the entire roof.

2. Many Missing and Broken Shingles

Your roofer can replace a few missing, broken, or damaged shingles hastily. However, if a roofer notices you have a considerable number of missing shingles, a roof replacement project will be the best solution. Mostly, many missing and broken shingles are an indication that your roof can no longer hold on to the upper layers of the roof. If left unattended, the open spaces encourage other problems, such as water damage, mold growth, and rot.

3. Your Roof Is Old 

A roof is designed to serve you over an estimated number of years before it starts showing clear signs of damage and failure. Depending on the level of maintenance you invest in your existing roof, it might outlive its lifespan. But if you can't recall when you last installed a new roof, this is the first sure sign you need to replace it. Generally, metal and tile roofs last longer compared to asphalt shingles. Therefore, the roof material is also an important consideration when assessing the age of your roof.

4. Sagging Roofline

Take a quick look at your roof. Does it look like it is sagging or bending more towards one side? Sagging roof lines are warning signs that your roofing structure is about to cave in and its foundation has been compromised. Typically, it would mean your roof's foundation is suffering from water damage, old age, or other weaknesses. The best solution for a sagging roofline would be to replace it immediately.

Your roof has already served you incredibly well for years. It is only fair to give it a great send-off before you begin cursing at it after years of excellent service. Any of these signs can signal it is time for a change. Consult with a professional roofer to know your roof replacement options.