Your Shingles May Be The Reason You Need Roof Repairs

One of the most common types of roof repairs involves replacing shingles. Shingles are meant to make your roof look good, but they are also meant to seal your roof, protecting it from water that would otherwise seep in. When your shingles do not lie flat against the roof, this can cause some serious issues.

So, why might you need repairs to keep shingles flat against the roof? These are some of the common errors.

Your Roof Has Several Layers of Shingles

Some roofers may add several layers of shingles, which can add to the possibility of shingles rising up. This might call for more than a repair but actually the need to completely reroof your home. While one layer of new shingles over a layer of old shingles can be helpful, more than this can lead to a variety of issues for your shingles and the aesthetics of your home.

Shingles Are Not Sealed Properly

One common problem arises when shingles are not properly sealed to the roof, allowing changes in temperature to strip away the adhesive of the roof. When the sun hits the shingles, they may lose their bond to the roof. Shingles may become soft as well, meaning that your roof loses the protective cover against water and other elements.

This also allows your roof to face issues with wind. Wind can pick up shingles that stick up from the roof. Shingles need to be resealed and replaced, often in large batches. Hiring a professional can help you seal these shingles properly.

Shingles Weren't Installed Correctly

If your shingles were not correctly installed in the first place, you may need serious repairs. Faulty installation can come from issues with nails, strips, and manufacturer errors. Placement of shingles can also pose a problem, and it may result in the need to replace shingles that are uneven, for instance.

The Shingles Are Bad

Poor shingles can also cause a lot of serious issues. Shingles that are thin can become damaged quite quickly, and this could be because the shingles were made cheaply or that the errors were caused by a manufacturer defect. You may need to replace shingles that were damaged.

Remedy the Problem With Professional Repairs

You may need professional repairs to help you address shingle problems. Problems with shingles are all too common, and you may need somebody to come out to assess the problem right away. Set up a meeting with a roofing contractor today to learn more.