Why Vinyl Log Siding Might Be The Perfect Choice For Your Getaway Cabin

If you're renovating an old cabin to make a fun place to get away on the weekends, consider having vinyl siding installed. You can buy vinyl siding that looks like natural logs, so it's perfect for a cabin in a natural setting. Here are some benefits of choosing vinyl for a getaway cabin.

Foam Backing Adds Insulation

Vinyl siding is available with its own insulation attached. The insulation makes the panels sturdier, and it also helps you control the climate in your home. If you'll heat your cabin with a fireplace, you want good insulation so your cabin can heat up and keep you cozy in the winter. Insulation can also help you stay cooler indoors in the summer, especially if you use a window air conditioner.

Vinyl Siding Has A High Wind Rating

Quality vinyl is resistant to damage from high winds. You might like this feature if your cabin faces a large body of water and there are no windbreaks to slow down the wind. Vinyl also provides excellent protection against rain and moisture.

Vinyl Siding Is Made To Be Durable

Since vinyl is a manufactured product, it can be made to your specifications. This is why the panels can look like wood logs, complete with texture and wood grains. This process allows the manufacturer to add color pigments, UV inhibitors, and even treatments that repel termites and fungus. With vinyl, the risk of damage from wood-boring insects and other pests found in nature is reduced.

Vinyl Is Easy To Keep Attractive

Vinyl panels are made to resist fading, so they will look good for many years. You'll still want to clean the vinyl occasionally, especially if your cabin is under a thick tree canopy and the panels are exposed to stains from trees and bird droppings.

You can clean vinyl with a hose and soft-bristled brush using soapy water. If you find stubborn stains, you can remove them with a vinyl cleaner. You may want to wash your cabin about once a year so the vinyl stays clean and has the most attractive appearance.

Log Vinyl Siding Has A Realistic Appearance

One of the best reasons to choose vinyl for your cabin is because it can look like real wood. You can choose other types of vinyl too if you prefer smooth white panels or some other color, but log vinyl siding is a perfect match for a cabin nestled among trees in a rustic setting.

Besides enjoying the appearance of log vinyl, you also get to enjoy the ease of care and durability, which are both important for a cabin you're away from for long stretches of time.