2 Subtle Signs It's Time To Replace Your Home's Shingled Roof

If your home's current roof was installed more than a couple of decades ago, you may be wondering whether or not it is time to replace it. However, since the overall condition of the shingles appears to be in good shape, you may be having difficulty deciding. If so, there are a couple of subtle signs that your roof already may have damage that you cannot easily see that would warrant the installation of a new one.

1.  Surface of the Roof Appears to Have Deep Waves

One of the more subtle signs that your roof is in need of replacement could be difficult to discern unless you take a hard look at the surface. Normally, the surface of the roof should appear straight and level, indicating that the decking is still solid.

However, as the plywood that serves as the base for the shingles start to warp and deteriorate over time, it will start to bow under the weight of the shingles. This bowing will cause the roof's surface to appear as though it has deep waves.

If you do see what appears to be valleys and hills, there is a good chance that the decking is deteriorating and may have already been exposed to excess moisture from water leaking underneath the shingles. Eventually, the wood will rot through, and water will start leaking into your home.

2.  Large Areas of Shingles Have Curled-up Edges

Along with the presence of waves along the surface of the roof, another sign that damage is already present is when you see large areas of shingles that have curled-up edges. Over time, the expansion and contraction of the shingles will weaken the material from which they are constructed.

Eventually, the shingles will lose their pliability, causing their edges to remain curled up. Once this happens, water is allowed to flow underneath them, coming into contact with the decking. If the decking has already started to deteriorate with age, the increased exposure to water will speed up their deterioration. 

If you notice that your roof appears wavy and the shingles have curled edges, there is more than likely unseen damage already affecting your roof's integrity, increasing the chances that water may start leaking into your home at any given time in the future. Before this scenario plays out, contact a company that offers new roof installation services to discuss your options for having your old roof replaced.