Points To Discuss With A Commercial Re-Roofing Contractor When Your Old Roof Is Beyond Repair

If your commercial roof has been repaired several times and is showing its age, talk to a roofing contractor about your options. A commercial re-roofing contractor understands the concerns you may have regarding disruption, roofing material quality, and cost, and they can help you choose the right new roofing materials for your building. Here are some points to discuss with your roofer.

Whether Your Roof Needs To Be Torn Off

Tearing off old roofing can disrupt your usual routine, and it also adds to the cost. Sometimes, a roofer will apply a new layer of roofing on top, but this isn't always possible. One factor to consider is the overall condition of your roof. If the roof has a lot of damage, all the old materials may need to be taken off so repairs can be done before new roofing is applied.

The Type Of Roofing To Apply

If your commercial building has a typical flat roof, your choices in roofing materials are limited. Some options to consider are spray foam, membrane, and built-up roofing. You may want the same type of roof you have now, but if not, talk to a commercial roofing contractor about the pros and cons of each choice.

The Warranty And Maintenance Contract

Ask the contractor about your roof warranty and the workmanship warranty so you know what to expect if your roof is damaged by a storm, fire, or foot traffic. You may also want to know about ongoing maintenance, since your roof will need periodic repairs and maintenance records for your building documents.

Drainage Issues

If your old roof has problems with water ponding and drainage, your roofing contractor will correct the situation when the new roof is applied. Even though the roof is flat, rain should still roll toward a roof drain rather than stay on the roof. This happens because the roof should have a slight slope rather than being completely level, and the roofer can add a slope when installing the new roof.

If You Want Roofing To Help With Energy Costs

If energy costs for your building are high and you're looking for ways to lower them, ask your contractor about the best types of roofing for your situation. White roofing membrane reflects the sun and keeps your building cooler, while dark membranes soak up solar heating and help your building stay warmer. Spray foam can also help with climate control due to its insulating nature and the reflective coating that's applied on top that prevents solar warming.