The Importance Of Not Delaying Roof Repairs

When you notice any kind of damage to your roof, it is imperative that you get in touch with a roofing professional as soon as possible so that repairs can be made. When storms come through your town, a visual inspection should be performed to check for any missing/damaged shingles. In the event that something is out of place, a roofing contractor should be contacted for a more thorough inspection. If you fail to have roof repairs performed in a timely manner, you can expect the following things to occur.

An Increase in Your Energy Bills

When your roof has gaps in it that allow moisture to seep in, you can also expect a transfer of heat to occur, causing your energy bills to spike. During the winter, that air that your HVAC system is working so hard to keep warm will end up escaping through the roof. During the summer, that scorching hot air from outside will make its work inside, resulting in your AC working overtime to keep the house cool. In the end, your utility bills will be higher throughout the year.

An Increase in Damage

When you have a roof leak, you may only notice a bit of discoloration on the ceiling or walls. As time goes on, though, the discoloration will turn into a large stain. Eventually, you may be dealing with a leak. Gaps in between the shingles, missing shingles, damaged shingles, or other significant issues will not repair themselves. By delaying roof repairs, the damage is only going to go downhill. Eventually, you will see signs of moisture damage in the insulation, drywall, roof decking, attic, and foundation. The more widespread the damage becomes, the more expensive the repairs will end up being when you finally get them.

An Increased Chance of Mold Growth

No homeowner wants mold to grow in their homes, as it can result in health problems for everyone under the roof, especially for those who already have health issues, such as allergies and asthma. When mold spores develop, they can easily and rapidly spread and multiply. As soon as your home suffers water damage, it will be vulnerable to a mold infestation. It is possible to have toxic black mold in the home, such as behind the walls, without even knowing it.

An Increase in Pest Infestations

A lot of homeowners assume that animals are only able to penetrate the roof if there are significantly sized gaps. However, small pests like mice can climb through incredibly small holes — as small as a dime even or smaller. If you have larger gaps, then you expect bigger animals to get through and make it into your attic. If this happens, you may be able to hear them moving around in your attic. Ultimately, the sooner you are able to have a contractor address your roofing issues, the more protected your entire home will be.

For more information, contact a residential roofing company in your area.