Why Should You Avoid Installing & Repairing Your Roof Yourself?

If you have a new roofing project in mind, you may want to replace or repair your single-ply or asphalt shingle roof. You may even consider taking on the project yourself, perhaps because you want to save money and time. You may wonder if this is a good idea.

Of course, there are risks to trying to take care of your roof on its own. Even if you have a basic understanding of single-ply or asphalt roofing, you should reconsider the task of taking on the repairs yourself. Here's why.

Improper Installation & Repairs

Trying to fix something like a leaky roof can be trickier than you think. If somebody makes a mistake on this repair, it can render the roof ineffective. For example, somebody may not complete the underlayment installation process effectively, leaving gaps where water can flow through the roof.

Imperfections in roof repairs and installations can lead to major issues later on. You could have a leak, which can cause mold in your house. A leak in your home can also lead to issues like foundational injuries to your home that require extensive repairs.


Injuries are perhaps the most daunting part of trying to do roofing yourself. These injuries can be very dangerous and can stem from using tools improperly, falling through or off a roof, or slipping on the roof's pitch. For homes consisting of multiple stories, these injuries can be incredibly dangerous.

On the other hand, professional roofers have insurance to cover their injuries should something happen during the installation or repair.

Chemicals & Materials

If you try to install or repair single ply roofing, for instance, you may come into contact with a variety of materials that are highly flammable and toxic. If you are unsure how to deal with these materials, you could be injured or injure somebody else. Single-ply roofing comes with special considerations you should make to ensure the safety of yourself, others, and your roof.


The costs of your project can also be numerous if additional repairs are needed later. You can save a lot of money by calling on a professional to maintain or fix your single-ply or asphalt shingle roofing today.

Roofing is difficult, and you can rely on a professional to take care of your roofing issues yourself. Single-ply roofing is known for being especially tricky. Make sure to contact a professional to take care of these matters today and prevent future roof issues.

If you have additional questions about single-ply roofing, reach out to a local roofing contractor.