Why You Need Gutter Guards On Your House

If you have a home with gutters, you know the pain of trying to clean them out after a big storm. They can gather up gunk in a hurry, clog the outlets, and cause a leak inside your home in no time.

Gutter guards, such as the Leaf Free, have been popular in recent years since they provide an easy solution to this problem. Simply install the cover, and the guard will keep everything but water from getting into your gutter.

Is it for everyone though?


Gutter covers should be installed by professional roofers, but if necessary, they can also be installed by homeowners as well. The cost associated with this installation varies from house to house, but it can be done inside of a day with a minimal crew, which keeps costs for everyone down.


Another thing that keeps costs down is the wide variety of styles available. Whether it's mesh, foam, or a screen, there is a guard that is perfect for your home. Our leaf guards are perfect for homeowners who have a lot of trees on their lot since they're designed specifically to keep leaves out. If this is your primary source of frustration, consider the guard that will work best for your environment.


The main appeal to any kind of gutter protection is that the homeowner doesn't have to keep climbing up on a ladder to clean out the gutters. Since nearly 20% of all fall injuries include ladders, installing a gutter guard can be a significant step forward to protecting your health. 


Although gutter guards can be an initial expense, you'll more than recoup the costs later by not having to hire roofers to clean out your gutters. Even though gutter guards may not increase home value, dilapidated gutters that look bad and in need of replacing may actually detract from your home value. Protect your gutters, and your gutters will protect your resale value.


If your gutter is clogged by leaves and debris, it can create standing water near the roofline of your house that will later seep in through the roof and between the walls. At the very least, it will create stress on your roof that can deteriorate the shingles faster, which will then result in a roofing contractor to replace your entire roof. Guards like the Leaf Free are quick, easy to install and go a long way in preserving one of the biggest investments you'll ever make in your lifetime: your house.

To learn more information, reach out to a roofing contractor near you.