The Annual Roof Inspection and Repairs to Get More Life From Shingles

The annual roof inspection is an important home maintenance task that needs to be done. After a roof inspection, there are going to be minor issues with leaks, wear, and other problems. To ensure your asphalt shingles last, you want to make sure that repairs are done. The following roof inspection and repair information will help you get more life out of your asphalt shingles:

  • Addressing Issues With Punctured Shingles—The first issue that will need to be addressed when repairing the damage to your roof is punctured shingles. These punctures can cause leaks that go unnoticed and lead to serious problems with water damage if they are not repaired. If the roofer finds punctured shingles, look in the attic or at the eaves in the area for signs of water damage that may also need to be repaired.
  • Replacing Damaged Flashing and Mechanical Boots—There are also areas with flashing and different types of seals that can leak. These areas with flashing that can wear and leak include:
    • Flashing at walls and valleys
    • Seals around mechanical boots
    • Step flashing at chimneys
    • Skylights and rooftop installations

These are the areas with flashing and seals that could leak and may need to be repaired if there are signs of damage. When you have repairs done to any flashing or mechanical boots, you may want to reinforce these areas with a rubber membrane to stop leaks when the flashing wears out.

  • Locating Damage From Forgotten Storms That Needs Repairs—There are a lot of storms that come through your neighborhood throughout the year and could have damaged the roof. Therefore, the roofer needs to look closely at the shingles for signs of storm damage and repair it before it leads to wear and leaks. Repairing the old storm damage will help prevent the more serious problems with leaks and water damage.
  • Problems With Worn Shingles and Leaks in the Most Vulnerable Areas—There are some areas of your roof where the shingles may wear more quickly due to cause that include:
    • Fungus due to shade and moisture
    • Water traps
    • Excessive runoff during heavy rains

These problems are the most common issues that need to be repaired after an annual inspection of your roof.

The right repairs after a roof inspection will help ensure your asphalt shingles last for years. Contact a roof repair service for help with your annual inspection and doing the repairs that need to be done.