Standing Seam Steel Roofing And Its Benefits

If you are thinking that steel is the perfect material for your next roof, then you can make some choices regarding the material. Some of these decisions involve the structural and aesthetic aspects of the steel. This is especially true when you decide on a standing seam steel roof. Find out what this seam is, how it is installed, and how it can protect your home.

What Is A Standing Seam Steel Roof?

Traditional steel roofs are installed in large sections. Each section is overlapped along the edge and connected with fasteners and strong sealers along each edge ensure a waterproof seal. Standing seam roofs do not use these types of fasteners though. They instead lock together with the help of raised seams.

The seams fit together and a few different types of connectors can be utilized. Mechanical seams are created by folding the metal edge over and interlocking it with the adjacent piece of steel. Snap locking systems use tabs that slide into one another and then snap into place. A T-shaped connector may be used to create the seam.

Depending on the type of seam that you like, the metal roofing pieces may be connected on-site. They can also be attached at the manufacturing facility or within the roofing business once all of the specific dimensions are worked out. Once completed, the seams are raised above the main surface of the roof and create a pattern.

How Can A Standing Seam Roof Offer Protection?

Fasteners can loosen over time and leave a traditional steel roof exposed to the elements. Also, the small screws may scratch the steel, destroying the powder coating or the galvanization, leading to corrosion. This is not something that can happen with the standing seams. They are raised, immovable, and completely impenetrable to moisture and other debris. This means ideal protection against leaks.

The roof is also better at protecting your home from any sort of hail, ice, or brute force damage involving tree limbs. Fasteners can easily be stripped apart with enough force, but this is not possible with strong and secure seams.

You should know that standing seam roofs do cost quite a bit more than the more traditionally fastened ones. However, since the steel can last for 50 years or more, it is worth the investment when it comes to longevity, reduced maintenance, and repair concerns.

Steel roofers can help you to understand the option available to you if you decide that a metal roof is best for your home. Find roofers in your area like those at Amick Roofing Inc.