Summer Will Be Over Before You Know It: How To Get Your Roof Ready For Fall

Summer is here. It's the perfect time to start thinking about your roof. Fall will be here in a few months, which means your roof will need to be ready for the rain. If it's not, you could be left to deal with some serious problems. Two of those problems involve leaks and mold. You know that leaks can cause problems for your whole house. But, so can mold. Don't take chances with either problem. Here are four steps you need to take before fall arrives with all its wet weather. 

Clean Your Roof

If it's been a few years since you cleaned your roof, now's the perfect time to take care of that. You might not think that a dirty roof is much of a problem, but it is. Dirt buildup on your roof can cause your shingles to rot. That means you'll need to replace your roof sooner than you'd like to. A dirty roof also increases the risk of pest infestations. This is especially true if you have a lot of debris on your roof. Finally, a dirty roof could be hiding serious damage. To avoid problems associated with a dirty roof, have the surface cleaned before fall. 

Apply Sealant

You know that the rainy season is going to hit with a vengeance this fall. When it does, you need to know that your roof will be protected against water damage. That's where sealant comes into the picture. A thick layer of sealant will protect your roof from water damage. First, sealant will cover your shingles in a protective layer of waterproofing. That way, water can't absorb into the shingles and cause rot. Second, it will seal the seams of your shingles to stop water from getting underneath. Finally, the waterproof sealant will help to protect against mold growth. 

Install Zinc Strips

If you've had a problem with mold and algae growth on your roof before, talk to your roofing contractor about installing zinc strips. Once zinc strips are installed on your roof, they'll work to prevent the growth of mold. Each time it rains, a small amount of zinc is washed off the strips. The zinc stops mold from growing, which protects your roof from damage. 

Check Solar Panels

Finally, if you have solar panels on your roof, now's the time to inspect the hardware. You want to make sure that there aren't any loose fittings where the panels connect to the roof. Any loose or damaged fittings should be replaced as soon as possible. Those areas could lead to roof leaks this fall.

For further tips, reach out to a company like Cloise & Mike Construction Inc.