The Top Reasons to Schedule a Roof Replacement before You Sell Your Home

Are you ready to sell your home? Even though you won't own the property for much longer, take a look at the top reasons to schedule a roof replacement or repair right now.

1. Sales Price

A brand-new roof may appeal to the home buyer—and get you a higher sales price. In fact, U.S. homeowners may recoup 65.9% of the upfront roofing replacement costs. Even though you'll need to spend on a replacement, you're likely to get your money back when your sale is complete.

2. Curb Appeal

How can you draw in potential buyers? Your home's exterior is the first thing they'll see. Along with the exterior paint, entry doors, and windows, the roof makes a statement about your home. If that statement includes drab shingles, damage, or obvious signs of wear, it isn't likely your home will attract buyers quickly. A new roof improves your home's existing curb appeal and adds to its marketability.

3. Special Style

Does your home stand out? Not only will a new roof increase your home's overall curb appeal, but it can also add a special style to the exterior. Whether you choose slate, metal, clay, or another material, a new roof can turn your home from drab to fab almost instantly.

4. Decrease Damage

A leaky roof can cause attic or ceiling damage, promote mold growth, cause a slip and fall hazard (if the water drips onto the floor), or rot wooden supports. Even though a few drops or a smaller-sized wet spot on a ceiling may not seem like a major issue, failure to promptly repair or replace the roof may result in a serious problem.

While you could leave the leak for the next owner to fix, the damage it causes could make it difficult to sell your home. Not only will you need to disclose the roof's issues, but you'll also need to let the potential buyer know about mold, mildew, wood rot, or any other related issues.

5. Pass Inspection

Before the would-be buyer signs a sales contract, they'll need to hire a home inspector. If the inspector finds significant roofing damage, you may need to renegotiate the sales price or pay for the cost of repairs/replacement.

Do you already know your roof has serious damage? If you know the roof won't pass a home inspection, contact companies like Earhart Roofing Company Inc. The contractor can pre-inspect the roof, look for damage, and recommend a repair or replacement.