Roof Damage Comes In Many Forms: 2 Overlooked Causes Of Roof Repair

When it comes to roofing damage, it is important to remember that damage can surface in many different ways, not just from wear and tear or wind damage. The reason it is so important to understand this is that the more you know about roof damage, the more readily you will be able to make the necessary repairs. Learn about some of the overlooked scenarios that might leave your roof in need of repair.


Most animals are looking for two things: food and shelter. Although your roof may not be able to provide food, it can most certainly provide shelter. If your home is located near trees, animals can settle on your roof, build a nest, and cause a great deal of damage, especially during the colder months of the year. 

This damage can include damage to the flashing, shingles, and gutters. Often, it is challenging to spot this damage, but you may be able to hear the animal moving around on the upper level of your home. 

If you discover an animal is living on your roof, have the animal removed, and then have a repair professional come assess any possible damage.  


If you have children that love to play sports, it is possible that one of their balls can lead to damage to your roof. Unless you have a major league player for a kid, chances are that your child cannot throw the ball hard enough to shatter an area of the roof, so you do not have to worry about this element. 

However, even with just a little force, if the ball hits the gutter, it can cause damage, such as putting a dent in the gutter. A small dent in the gutter is enough to prevent water from properly flowing away from the roof, which will in turn cause it to pool on your roof and damage the shingles. 

Even if the ball falls into the gutter, it could create an obstruction that causes a similar issue. If your child tells you that they were playing outside and they think their ball hit the gutter or fell inside, it is time to have a roof professional assess any damage. 

Whether you know for sure that your roof is in need of damage, or you just suspect it, it is always best to be safe. Contact a roofing repair professional for an inspection to assess any damage to your roof.