Is Residential Re-Roofing Right for You?

If your roof is past its prime, you may be looking into replacement options. In some cases, however, a total replacement may not be necessary. Re-roofing (also commonly referred to as a roof overlay) can be a viable alternative to complete roof replacement. Ultimately, only a roofing professional can help you decide whether this option suits your needs. By having a better understanding of what re-roofing entails and what its benefits and drawbacks are, you can move forward with your roofing project with greater confidence.

Re-Roofing vs. Roof Replacement

With a re-roofing project, new shingles are installed over a home's existing roof. Rather than tearing up and removing the existing roof, it remains in place. An added layer of shingles is then placed over the old roof. This is different from a total roof replacement, which involves removing not only the existing roof's shingles but possibly parts of its underlay and other components as well.

Benefits and Possible Drawbacks of Re-Roofing

As you can probably imagine, re-roofing is less expensive than total roof replacement because it requires significantly less labor. Since there is no removal of the existing roof, this cuts down on a lot of the time required for the project, as well as expenses related to hauling away and disposing of the old roof materials. And when done properly, re-roofing can provide your home with the protection it needs against water damage just as well as a completely new roof can.

One challenge to consider with a re-roofing project, however, is that without removing your home's existing roof, there's no way to know for sure whether you have any wood rot or other damage. 

Which Option Is Best For Your Needs?

There are a few things to consider when deciding whether a re-roofing project is best for your needs. If you're thinking about having re-roofing done on your home, you may want to first consult with a structural engineer. Because adding a second layer of shingles will also add significant weight to your home, you'll want to make sure your framing can handle it.

You'll also want to have a reputable roofing company assess your roof to make sure re-roofing hasn't already been done in the past. If it has, then your best bet may be to completely remove both layers of existing shingles and start fresh.

No matter which route you end up taking with your roofing project, you can make a better-informed decision with all this in mind.