Have Roofing Shingles That Need Immediate Replacement? Get Solar Panels Installed Today

If you have some damaged shingles on your roof and you know you need to have a roofing company do repairs, talk with the roofing company about solar panels. Solar power installation in place of the shingles isn't just a great covering option for the roof, but it will provide the home with numerous other benefits.

Get a quote for the panels to be installed. Then talk with the roofing contractors about the quote and the following things.

Power Benefits

When your only power source is through the city lines you don't have control of your power. If the lines are down, a storm knocks out the power, or there are complications with your electrical provider, you could be without power for hours or days until the problems are repaired.

With solar roofing panels, you can power your own home in case of an emergency. This means still having heat, lights, and other things when you need them most. Installing this system is like having a generator but you don't have to fuel it.

Solar Savings Estimate

You want to have the roofing contractors provide you with a solar savings estimate. This is the amount of money you should save each year having the solar panels installed to help power your home. This should be factored into comparing if the investment is worth the cost. The age of your home, the amount of power you use and the panel system you are considering installing will all be factored into the savings estimate.

Roofing Updates

Inquire about these other updates when getting a cost for your roof. This includes new insulation, gutters, and improved roofing ventilation. These updates are going to improve the roof to make it more efficient, help prevent condensation and moisture problems, and prevent water damage around the home.

If roofing contractors have told you there are large areas on your roof that need to be replaced, consider replacing these damaged materials with new solar roofing panels. The solar panel installation process will be efficient and can be very affordable.

Talk with the roofing contractors to see if it's time to replace your roof and to install the solar panels, to help protect your home. The investment that you make will improve your property value as a homeowner, and these changes help you save money and be more efficient over time. Get more than one quote to see the breakdown of costs.

For more information, contact a roofing contractor that offers solar panel installation services.