2 Signs Your Home's Metal Roof Needs Repairs

If your home has a metal roof, you may have decided on the material over others such as shingles because metal tends to hold up to the elements better, making it last longer. However, even a metal roof needs some attention as it ages. Below are a couple of signs for which you should be on the lookout that could indicate that your home's metal roof is in need of repairs

1. Metal Panels Or Sections Are Sticking Up

One major sign that your metal roof is in need of repairs is the presence of any metal that is sticking up from the surface of the roof. If you find even one area where the metal is sticking up, water is going to find its way underneath and cause water leakage into your home as well as damage to the underlying support structures.

When looking at the roof, look along the seams that hold the metal panels together. Many times, these seams can become loose or dislodged after a bad storm or years of exposure to drastic temperature changes. A roofer may be able to reattach the panels along the seams if there is no other damage to the panels.

After searching along the seams, look to the panels themselves to see if there are any rips or gouges in the metal that have caused an opening. If so, the damaged panels will most likely need to be replaced.

2. Metal Has Drastically Changed Colors In Some Areas

Another sign that your metal roof needs professional attention and possible repairs is when the metal starts to change colors in certain spots. The color difference is often drastic, with certain areas appearing to be brownish or reddish in color.

If you see these types of color changes, there is a good chance that the metal has started to corrode and rust. Even if the corrosion only affects the surface, it will eventually eat through the metal and create holes in your roof. It is better to have a roofer look at the rust to determine whether measures can be taken to prevent its spread or if the panels will need replacing.

If you notice one or both of the above signs, your home's metal roof is most likely in need of repairs. Some of the metal panels may even need to be replaced. Contact a company that offers metal roofing repair services to have them fully inspect your roof and recommend your next course of action to help keep it intact and prevent water leakage into your house.