What Are The Signs You May Have A Roof Leak In A Commercial Building?

It is common that a commercial building owner does not realize that they have a roof leak until they physically see a puddle of water on the ground and/or water dripping from the ceiling in the middle of a rainstorm. However, often, a commercial roof will give you signs that there may be problems developing and a slow leak may be present. Knowing what these signs are can help you call in a professional before you find yourself with major water damage from a leaking commercial roof. 

There Are Water Stains On Your Ceilings or Walls

One of the signs that you may have a roof leak in a commercial building is seeing signs of water stains or damage on your ceilings or walls. Water staining typically presents itself as discoloration. On white walls, water leaves behind a darker spot which may be cream, yellow, brown, or gray in color. In some cases, mold or mildew is present, which may give the spot a fuzzy, green, mustard, or black appearance. Roof leaks can also cause damage to your walls or ceiling, including bubbling paint, cracks, or broken plaster. 

You Can Smell Moisture or Mildew in the Building

Another sign that you may have a roof leak in a commercial building is a musty or mildew-like scent. Most people can smell water in a building that may be hiding behind the walls or up in your crawl space. If you smell a funky scent, yet cannot identify where it is coming from, go into the crawl space of your commercial building. Most commercial buildings have a crawl space directly below the roof. Look up and see if you notice any signs of roof leaks or water damage. 

Your Energy Bill Is Increasing 

The final sign that you may have a roof leak in a commercial building is a higher than normal energy bill. Roof damage that allows water to come in also allows outdoor air to enter and temperature-controlled air to escape. In addition to this, water can damage your commercial building's insulation, which can also result in higher-than-normal energy bills. 

In addition to being aware of these signs, it is recommended that you have your commercial roof inspected two times a year. During this inspection, a commercial roofing professional will be on the lookout for signs of roof damage and leaks. If it has been six months or longer since your last roofing inspection, or you think you may have a leak, contact a commercial roofing company today to schedule an inspection.