Plan Ahead For Your Roof Installation So Your Roof Is Replaced Before It Starts Leaking

The best time to have a new roof installed is after you've had time to plan for the job. Unfortunately, it's often necessary to have a roof replacement done in an emergency after your roof has been damaged by a storm. Since the risk of damage increases as your roof gets older and more worn, it's best to think ahead and schedule the work before your roof is too old. Then, you can have your choice of seasons for doing the work and have time to save for the cost. You can have a roof put on during all seasons, weather permitting, but here are some reasons why spring is a good time for a residential roof installation.

The Busy Season Hasn't Started Yet

As the weather gets warmer, roofers get busier. By the time summer arrives, you may have a harder time scheduling the job for the dates you want. Plus, since roofers are busier then, you might have to pay more for the materials and labor, and it will be harder to find discounts. Spring is still a slower season for roofers, so you might get a good deal on the costs, and it should be easier to schedule the job on days when you're off work or on vacation.

The Weather Is Milder In The Spring

Spring often brings rain, and your roofer will have to work around spring storms, but at least the outdoor temperatures are warmer than winter and cooler than summer. This makes working conditions more favorable, and the mild temperatures are easier on the materials. Asphalt shingles can get soft and pliable when it's hot outside, and they can't be installed if the temperatures are too low in the winter. Problems with extreme temperatures can often be avoided during the spring.

Your Roof Will Be Ready For Summer Storms

Winter is hard on your roof, and when the shingles are old, your roof might have damage that could result in leaking once the spring and summer rainy seasons start. By having a new roof put on in the spring, your roof will be in the best shape for stormy weather and lots of rain. Plus, you'll have a strong roof for next winter and can have peace of mind that your roof has a good chance of surviving through all seasons for years to come.

While spring is a good time to plan on having a new roof installed, it's not a good idea to put off getting a new roof until spring if your old one is in bad shape. Roofing installations can be done in the winter if necessary, and the summer and fall are good times for getting a new roof too. You don't want to wait for a new roof until you have a leaking emergency, so talk to your roofer about the condition of your roof and a good time to have a new roof installed.