2 Signs Your Commercial Building's Flat Roof Needs Professional Attention

When you are responsible for the upkeep of any commercial building, a part of that upkeep includes making sure that the roof stays in good condition and does not leak. However, you may have problems determining whether the flat roofing material has been damaged or is worn out unless there are obvious tears or gouges on the surface. If you suspect that the roof may be damaged, look for the following signs that it needs the attention of a professional roofer.

1.  Water Collects and Stands in One Place After It Rains

Especially if the surface does not exhibit any signs of damage, you may believe that the roof is still sound and intact. However, if you go up on the roof after it rains and find that water has collected and is standing in one or more areas, a call to the roofer may be in order.

As the asphalt of the flat roof ages, it can start to break down and condense in certain places, causing low-lying areas throughout the roof. When this happens, water will puddle and remain in these areas for longer because there is more to evaporate.

Since the water is standing for longer periods of time than on the rest of the roof, it will break down the material and possibly seep underneath. It is possible that this is already occurring, which will cause deterioration of the substrate of the roof that supports it, which will eventually lead to leaks inside of the building.

2.  Surface Looks Like an Alligator's Skin in Certain Areas

Another sign to look for when determining the condition of your commercial building's roof is the presence of surface areas that resemble the skin on an alligator. You may see areas that appear to be bubbling which are surrounded by small, scaly cracks.

Because of its constant exposure to the heat and ultraviolet rays of the sun along with constant moisture, the surface of the roof will start to deteriorate and crack. Even if the cracks are superficial, moisture will still find its way underneath the top membrane and collect in pockets, which cause the bubbling effect, and will eventually make its way through the roof and cause leaks.

If you inspect your business's roof and find either or both of the above signs, the roof may have been damaged or may simply be worn out. Either way, you should contact a commercial roofing contractor to have them inspect the building's flat roof and discuss your options for either making repairs or replacing parts or all of the roof.